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PT Enertech Engineering has worked experience and many hours serving customer work requests, supported by skilled employees and experienced engineers, and strong finances to support all work funds.

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Material Supplier

With supply supported from official manufacturers and reliable distributors    

We have catalog experts who are competent in identifying the specifications of the goods needed by the customers. As experienced by PT Enertech Engineering in responding to every need for goods from customers, we always work with a tight timeline which makes it easy to quickly obtain the goods data, and ready to provide free consultations on the selection of types of goods, manufacturing, quality, and choosing the best price that suits the customer needs.
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Material Supplier

PT Enertech Engineering provides and also supplies wide range of industrial equipment and supporting materials such as sales of the following:

Wire and Cable
Electrical, Instrument & Telecommunication and Solar Cell Lighting
Fire Pump Supplier
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PT Enertech Engineering cooperates with manufacturers and distributors that are at least nationally-certified to supply wire and cable needs, along with various specifications and sizes used in Power Transmission and Power & Distribution, Power Plant, Industrial, Mining, Oil & Gas.


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Jl. Penggilingan No.154 Blok A Cakung Jakarta Timur

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